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Famous people who are thought by some to have been autistic who have an infants' educational toy or product named after them

Albert Einstein ("Baby Einstein" product range, including flash cards)

Isaac Newton ("Baby Newton Discovering Shapes" DVD)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ("Baby Mozart" DVD)

Vincent van Gogh ("Baby Van Gogh World of Colours" DVD)

Ludwig van Beethoven ("Baby Beethoven Symphony of Fun" DVD)

Don't we all want our babies to grow up to be autistic genuises?

References that contain speculation that famous geniuses were on the autistic spectrum

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And one reference giving an opposing argument

Sacks, Oliver (2004) Autistic geniuses?: we’re too ready to pathologize (letter). Nature. May 20th 2004, Vol. 429, p. 241.
[a letter in which Sacks states that he does not believe that Wittgenstein, Einstein nor Newton “were significantly autistic”]

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