Monday, October 09, 2017

Lili's disappointment for the day

I'm disappointed but not surprised to see that Derek Amato has been featured in a TV doco series that has just started on SBS, The world's most extraordinary people, which is apparently hosted by a real doctor, English surgeon Gabriel Weston, who is also a writer and BBC Two host. A doctor and two reputable TV channels look like fools.

Amato is one of an unending collection of supposed "acquired savants" in the fashion of the questionable Daniel Tammet (formerly Daniel Corney). In my ebook about Tammet you can find chapters about many interesting people who have, or who claim to have, extraordinary abilities or talents. Some of those people are genuinely astounding in their achievements, while there's ample evidence that many others have made up stories and taken scientists, publishers and journalists for a ride. Derek Amato one of the world's most extraordinary people? I think not.