Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lili's question for the day

How much has the world of (academic) science contributed, directly or indirectly, towards the creation or development of memory techniques used by memory sport competitors and memory record holders?

Lili's exasperation of the day

C'mon everybody! Who believes that Mem Fox being detained by immigration officers in the US had nothing to do with having a convicted paedophile for a husband?

Did you see her on The Project the other night, playing the victim? I didn't notice any hard questions from the panel, which generally consists of entertainers, commentators and a token old shock jock, who present the news as a form of light entertainment.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Lili's contrary thought of the day

Rather than slapping Sir David Attenborough on the back and naming things after him, maybe we should be asking the famous Sir David exactly what he knew about the illegal, prolific and unconscionable activities of the famous BBC TV host and serial paedophile Jimmy Savile, whose child molestation apparently peaked in the 1970s, in a time period overlapping Attenborough's term as the BBC's Director of Programmes. Why did Attenborough choose to return to making programmes in 1973, when his career could have gone even further, to the top of the heap of BBC administration? Was there some nasty mess that he didn't want to have to confront, as a senior administrator?

Lili's reminder of the day

If you've been watching this TV doco series:


maybe you should also consider this:


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Lili's recommendation for the day

The Stupidity Paradox : The Power and Pitfalls of Functional Stupidity at Work
by Mats Alvesson and André Spicer

It looks at varieties of stupidity that are lifestyle choices or occupational hazards, not inborn disorders

It's alarming

It's funny

It's psychological

It's a business book

It appears to be based on scientific evidence

It's written by professors at universities

So far it's been unremittingly negative on every page

The authors would be sacked from most jobs for being half as negative as this

It's one of those books that busts the brightly-coloured balloons full of hot air

It's the best book I've read all year

Lili's link for the day

GetUp! have created this online tool in response to the robodebt scam from Centrelink: