Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy young blokes a massive burden to Australian society, apparently

It's amazing the range of different areas of life and culture in Australia where you can find gender segregation. Today in the news we have sex segregation in mental illness media scare stories (or is it just another bit of attention-grabbing misandry?)

Timothy McDonald and staff
Business urged to act on male mental health.
PM. ABC News. 

May 30th 2012.

Unless I'm mistaken the report (it's not a study as has been incorrectly reported by the ABC) that is behind this media story contains the good news that 92.5% of mentally ill people in Australia are employed, which is I think an excellent effort by the insane (and their bosses and co-workers), but is a statistic that is highly unlikely to make it into any news story.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gender segregation of magazines in public and private sectors in Australia

Sex segregation of recreational reading offered at an Australian public library. This categorized way of displaying magazines is a new development. The magazines were previously displayed in alphabetical order of titles.

Sex segregation of magazines for sale in a supermarket in one of the two major supermarket empires in Australia

God forbid that some bloke might mistakenly pick up a copy of the Australian Women's Weekly and try out some new recipes for the family, or some confused female take up bodybuilding or purchase a muscle-car and chuck a few doughnuts. Australian ladies are only interested in making doughnuts in our kitchens, because we all have female brains.

Three of my blog articles about gender segregation in Australia:

Young Aussie school children self-segregating by gender - a sign of the times? 

New wave and old-fashioned sex segregation in everyday Australian life, and around the world

I'm none the wiser....

Mondrian doco on the box this afternoon

SBS1 is repeating the fascinating documentary In Mondrian's Studio about the eccentric and brilliant Dutch painter, a pioneer of abstraction, Piet Mondrian. Mondrian features in both of my famous lists of famous people, as a possible autist and as a synaesthete. His non-representational paintings with bold blocks of colours are not only works of art, they have become memes embedded in popular culture. I can think of no greater legacy for an artist.

SBSONE Sydney Schedule

Lili's thought of the day


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lili's thought for the day

I could publish any old shite or nothing at all at this blog and I'd still get stacks of hits from people looking at my older and most substantial posts. La la lalalala la la la. Is anyone reading this? Am I just talking to myself again? I do love to write for my own amusement. It isn't normal, I know. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lili's next thought of the day

We talk so much pseudo-clinical chatter about fostering mental health and "support", because we are no longer, due to the current social and political climate, allowed to talk about personal responsibilities and moral obligations. Because we are secular and non-judgmental and multicultural, we no longer speak of the brotherhood of all people or how families are supposed to behave, and we can't quote once-universally-known gems of Christian wisdom as instruction on how to treat one another with decency and kindness. If you exclaim that the way we treat asylum-seekers is wrong and unfair, you can't expect to be taken seriously, but a warning about possible negative mental health outcomes might make it into media coverage. We have cast aside the Biblical quotes and religion's cruelty and kindness, but we do have at hand willing psychiatrists and a big range of pills subsidized by the government.

Lili's thought for the day

What would Theodore Dalrymple make of the Craig Thomson affair? 

Monday, May 07, 2012

Lili's apology for the day

I'm sorry that I've not found the time of late to publish anything much of substance. I've been spending some time reverting to the hobby that I pursued before I started blogging - writing letters of complaint. My oh my, there's so much to complain about. 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lili's un-Australian thought of the day

These days the really essential jobs in Australia are done by Maoris, Cockneys, Ex-South Africans, ex-Irish folks or thoroughly useless locals, with the odd token native here and there. 

Lili's uncharitable thought for the day

Dude born overseas, don't you think it's time to drop the accent? Scotty, your siblings all sound like Aussies now, so what's the deal with you? Your wife, defacto, partner, mother-of-your-kids, whatever, was a huge Rod Stewart fan? Oh, how lame. Hey, Teutonic twit, yes, you with the skull tattoo, you're no less of a w***er this side of the equator. Feel free to return. Le Frog, you seem to think you're the Charles Boyer of the Antipodes. Sorry, but I just can't help thinking of Pepe Le Pew. Tex, you're always the Southern Gentleman but some of the time you give an airing of some quite peculiar, sexist and racist ideas, in the nicest, politest way, of course. We're rather more direct here in Australia, us locals, and I think I prefer it that way. Paddy my friend, I'm sure you have a top sense of humour. I'm sure every single one of your jokes are worth a smile. But I'm not laughing because I can't understand a single flippin word you say, and there's the problem. My friend from Edinburgh, your accent is no longer a communication issue, but is it so impossible to pronounce the word "controversy" without drawing attention to yourself? You have been living in Australia for how many years? Mr Belfast, it is your birthright to drink yourself into a stupor on a regular schedule? Alcoholics are full of ridiculous excuses, but that one takes the cake.

When genius synaesthete Tesla had an idea a light really did go on

"Another fact having a bearing on this subject which has probably been noted by many, since it is stated in popular expressions, but which I cannot recollect to have found chronicled as a positive result of observation is, that at times, when a sudden idea or image presents itself to the intellect, there is a distinct and sometimes painful sensation of luminosity produced in the eye, observable even in broad daylight."

Borderland Sciences Research Wiki

Lili's next thought for the day

Someone should ask Tom Morton about his recollections of Daniel Tammet.

Lili's disapproving thought of the day

No Nutella on my shopping list for as long as it contains unspecified vegetable oil or palm oil! I do not buy products with palm oil as an ingredient, because I care about orangutan habitats. I'll be looking for alternative products that don't contain or potentially contain palm oil.