Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tell me, why should I spend my time writing this blog?

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Lili's invitation for the day

The "skeptic" movement has sustained serious wounds dealt by individual women, journalists and the Me Too movement, thanks to the appalling behaviour of that tedious entertainer, author and academic Lawrence Krauss. It shouldn't surprise anyone that a misogynist sleaze has fallen out of that tree a long time after the fact, as accusations of misogyny directed toward that movement are nothing new, but criticism is promptly suppressed by that movement. If you have ever tried to express criticism of this movement or individuals who lead it or have tried to question their approach or even just tried to discuss such matters on any of the media forums operated by this movement you will probably be aware that the skeptic movement don't pause a minute in censoring or shouting down people who question what these supposed champions of freedom in thought and open inquiry do or say or think. 

So today I smirk and cordially invite the skeptic movement to just go @#$% themselves, because the vast majority of them aren't effective champions of science and don't do a thing to push back the boundaries of scientific knowledge. It is people like anonymous me who do the heavy lifting of pushing science forward and arguing the case for science, because we are not blind to the many serious problems happening within science and academia and we acknowledge them and seek to address them, and we do not believe every single thing that has been written in a journal paper or spoken in a science lecture. We think for ourselves, read according to our own wide and varied interests and obsessions, and create our own completly novel studies and hypotheses. We are the true scientists, and you guys can go to hell.