Saturday, January 13, 2018

Creative ideas for 2018

- start a GoFundMe page to raise funds for elocution lessons for Jamie Oliver

- take a production of the rock musical Hair touring from Egypt to Pakistan 

- reinvent an unusual form of graffiti while insulting a skyscraper full of snakes in suits and corporate corpses

- actually wear in public that skirt I made out of $1.35 worth of off-cuts, with those shoes I found at the tip

- sew a reusable shopping bag to go with it

- sew another one for hubby

- start a seed library

- do that decoupage idea and enter it in an art contest

- send Eric Abetz a monocle in the mail

- see if that idea for an auditory sculpture really is capable of sending people mad

- if it is, use against neighbours

- regardless, enter it in a sculpture competition

- try to keep my new list up to date