Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lili's next thought of the day

We talk so much pseudo-clinical chatter about fostering mental health and "support", because we are no longer, due to the current social and political climate, allowed to talk about personal responsibilities and moral obligations. Because we are secular and non-judgmental and multicultural, we no longer speak of the brotherhood of all people or how families are supposed to behave, and we can't quote once-universally-known gems of Christian wisdom as instruction on how to treat one another with decency and kindness. If you exclaim that the way we treat asylum-seekers is wrong and unfair, you can't expect to be taken seriously, but a warning about possible negative mental health outcomes might make it into media coverage. We have cast aside the Biblical quotes and religion's cruelty and kindness, but we do have at hand willing psychiatrists and a big range of pills subsidized by the government.

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