Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why would an autistic man want to read a postcode book?

I enjoyed listening to a repeat of an old interview with one of Australia's finest poets on the radio this afternoon. I have no time for trivialities such as poetry or novels, but having once dipped into some of Les Murray's work just for curiousity's sake, I somehow managed to find the time to read most of the book. In the radio interview Les Murray had some interesting things to say about Asperger syndrome, which he has to a degree, and he read aloud a couple of his poems on the subject of autism/AS. Ramona Koval often sounds somewhat flippant on her radio show, but in this interview I thought her mood seemed quite different.

Clark, Sue (presenter) & Koval, Ramona (interviewer)
The Biplane Houses - Les Murray. (a repeat of a 2006 interview from The Book Show)
Life & Times.
August 29th 2009
ABC Radio National.

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