Friday, September 25, 2009

A top time to go out!

I believe that there is some important football match taking place about now in Australia. This means you now have an excellent opportunity to enjoy Saturday shopping with much less overcrowding than is the intolerable norm for Saturday afternoons at malls and shopping centres. If you are a person like me who is indifferent to sport in all of it's forms and also has no desire to join a crowd just for the sake of joining a crowd, and you prefer the company of others who are similarly indifferent to sport and lack the "herdstinct", and you are currently single, and you also wish you were not single, today is your day to go out and meet like-minded people. You may wish to browse in a quiet book shop, search for useful items in a half-empty hardware store, enjoy refreshments in a cafe among empty tables, or relax in a deserted public library. Bliss!!! You will feel like King of the City as you watch tumbleweeds bouncing their lazy way along the main drag.

I have a word of warning - you may wish to stay off the roads today. During past Saturday afternoons of big footy matches I have found that there is a unusual level of dangerous driving and erratic and rude behaviour in public places. I believe this is due to people being drunk or on drugs, impatient to get to some social occasion, or psychologically ill-equipped to deal with irrational mass excitement. But for the most part this afternoon we will be able to enjoy an afternoon free of sheeple and fools, who will presumably be glued to their TVs or massing at social events. If only every afternoon could be like this.

P. S. Your next opportunity to enjoy this type of situation will be Melbourne Cup Day. I think it is held some time in the spring season.

P. P. S. Have a great day!

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