Sunday, May 01, 2011

Australia's first hand transplant on 60 Minutes tonight

The world's first hand transplant was done in France in 1998, according to the story about Australia's first hand transplant on Australian 60 Minutes tonight. The Australian operation took over nine hours to complete. See what is involved in a hand transplant at around 9 minutes into the story which can be viewed online.

Does the hand transplant atrocity anecdote recently told and written about by Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen in his new book and also in an interview with New Scientist magazine seem believeable to me after watching this news story? No it does not.

A Helping Hand.
Reporter Charles Wooley
60 Minutes (Australia)
May 1st 2011


ole.steen said...

We must also remember that in the 9-hour operation in Australia the object was to replace one hand with another of the same configuration, not a left/ right interpolation, (or even two interpolations!)


Lili Marlene said...

Compared to the feat of unnecessarily sadistic surgery described by Prof. Baron-Cohen, the Aussie op would have been as easy as falling off a log!