Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Government-funded death and torture of disabled people in the United States of America, believe it

"It smelled like cooking flesh in there - they shock the heck out of the kids, it's torture," said the teacher, who asked to remain anonymous."

This isn't a school. This isn't an education. This is a human rights disaster, and it has been going on for a very long time.

I've noticed a chilling similarity between a horrible fatality described in this article and the sickening and tragic death of Mr Ward, which happened in Western Australia.

"Advocates say Woods is no place to send city children after a student's death there last summer. The student, trapped in a stifling locked van, died from heat exposure while a supervising aide talked on her cell phone. The aide is in prison on felony neglect charges."

Mr Ward was an Aboriginal elder who died in police custody after being charged over a relatively minor matter. He was transported across Australian desert country in the back of a faulty prison van in which the airconditioning was not functioning, for four hours on a 42 degree summer day (for US readers, that's over 107 degrees Fahrenheit). The custodial staff never checked on Mr Ward, and he was cooked to death. Inevitable questions about discrimination and racism were asked. Many Australians still feel haunted by this real-life horror story, and I hope that there are also many Americans who feel haunted by the horrors that have been and are still inflicted on autistic and disabled people in the United States, and for heaven's sake, please do something to stop what is happening!

State pays $13M to send disabled kids to controversial clinics slapped with accusations of abuse.
by Ben Chapman
Daily News.
September 18th 2011.
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