Saturday, January 07, 2012

Lili's disgusted thought for the day

What kind of miserable f***s would prevent children from being given gifts at Christmas-time? What kind of power-crazed c*** would forbid children from having coloured crayons or coloured pencils outside of formal classes?

DASSAN Press Release: Serco Ruins Christmas for Children in Detention
Refugee Rights Action Network

5 January 2012.

Serco drops ban on coloured pencils and crayons for asylum-seeker children
by Kirsty Needham
Sydney Morning Herald.

January 7, 2012.

Serco drops ban on coloured pencils and crayons for asylum-seeker children
Refugee Rights Action Network

7 January 2012.


Socrates said...

I thought for a moment you were writing about the UK...

And I could've sworn I read a demographics study recently that said Oz needs all the immigrants it can get...

Lili Marlene said...

It looks like the UK under a conservative govt has more humane policies regarding child asylums seekers and detention than Australia under a Labor govt. It's a funny old world.

Do we need more immigrants? If the baby-boomers all retired tomorrow I think we'd be in trouble, but the big corporations prefer to import cheap but trained wage-slaves rather than train up locals. We have a mining billionaire making a song and dance about hiring the odd Aboriginal, like it's an act of charity, visit a school in some of the nicer new suburbs and every second accent you hear will be Sarth Efrican or a quaint English regional dialect, get your hair done and meet a Cockney or an African, go to hospital and meet some Irish nurses and quacks who can barely speak English. Drop by Maccas and get a burger with a lovely smile from a Phillipina. Fill up at BP and meet some brown young men with exotic accents. But we don't need more immigrants!