Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Daniel Tammet - I've written heaps about him

Daniel Tammet - The Boy with the Incredible Story

Does Daniel Tammet, identified as a synaesthete and diagnosed with AS by Prof Baron-Cohen, really have impaired face perception and synaesthesia?

Eight quotes about the famous Daniel Tammet (born Daniel Corney) and face memory

Don’t believe everything you read in a book: an incomplete list of books that are about, are by or mention Daniel Tammet, in chronological order

A contamination of the literature: an incomplete list of science, medicine, academia or education-related items about or mentioning Daniel Tammet (born Daniel Corney 1979) in chronological order, followed by a separate list of other key documents

Neuropsychology case study subject as celebrity: Jill Price and Daniel Tammet compared

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