Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can you find this press report?

I've chased down many little details of the story of Daniel Tammet, and like many other people who have looked into this subject, I've found interesting discrepancies. One thing that I have not been able to track down is one of the newspaper stories shown briefly in the documentary Brainman, specifically the one with the title "Easy as Pi for Memory Man" with a photo of Tammet deep in thought next to it. It can be seen at 7:38 in the video of the doco that can be found at the link below. A Google search retrieves a press report from Scotland from 2006 about a Australian Pi attempt, which could not be the story shown, because, I believe, the doco was made well before 2006. I've tried searching some media article databases for this story, to no avail. Can anyone give me the bibliographic details of this story, and maybe also let me know about the content? It would probably have been published in 2004. I'd be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Digging through my notes, this is from the Daily Express, Tuesday 16 March 2004. It doesn't say anything very interesting.

Consistent with other reports from around that time, it states that Tammet is "recognised" as a savant and attributes his abilities to Epilepsy (of course, this was several months before he was assessed for Asperger's).


Lili Marlene said...

Thanks for that, Tomas. Though it doesn't say anything very interesting, I think it's worth checking, because you never know till you check.