Monday, September 10, 2012

Scumf*** work supervisor deliberately sets young Aussie pre-apprentice on fire, and is allowed to keep his job

Lawyers question workplace bullying protections.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 10/09/2012
Reporter: Heather Ewart

I'm guessing tomorrow might not be a big day for business at Haeusler's in Shepparton. 


David Cooke said...

Ouch. For all the sentimental, caring, new-age culture that we're supposed to have now, the attitudes of the 1950s are alive and well in rural Victoria. I imagine that, if the manager was capable of expressing his ideas lucidly, he might say that the newbie has to fit in and get on with his workmates, whatever those cliches actually mean. Rural businessmen exist in their own ecological web of beer-soaked mateship, glad-handing their old schoolmates who now hang out at the same sports clubs. They expect this generation of apprentices to pull the same jackass stunts that they did, so they can have a good laugh about it at the pub. Above all, they'll resent anyone who wants to change them.

Lili Marlene said...

I can't imagine why anyone would desire to fit in with the type of a***hole who would behave like that, and I think that is what this is really about. Stand aside from the lame games of others, and they will resent it, and it can happen in any setting to a person who is autistic or different in some way.

I'm not sure that this can be compared with Jackass, because the blokes mostly consented to the stunts in that movie, while no one seriously asks to be set on fire. I'm more inclined to make a comparison with the movie Wake in Fright.