Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bad cop, bad cop indeed

With the expensive and laughable failure of the prosecution's case in the Rayney Trial and the long-lingering question of bias and planting of evidence in murder investigations surrounding the WA police, a coroner roasting alive "thuggish" police officers from the NSW Police Force who caused the unnecessary and painful death of a misbehaving young tourist, the UK release of the book The Crime Factory by "Officer A" a British recruit to the WA police which apparently paints the WA police force in a very unattractive light, and very concerning allegations about police intimidation of a senior police whistleblower whose allegations about a police cover-up of child sex abuse in the Catholic church resulted in the Prime Minister ordering a wide-ranging Royal Commission into child sex abuse, the time is certainly right for a repeat of the 2002 Australian black comedy television series Bad Cop, Bad Cop, which features two very popular Australian actors, Dan Wyllie and Michael Caton. 


Anonymous said...

Kudos on the Bad Cop Bad Cop reference.

Lili Marlene said...

Do you know if it is available on DVD yet?