Sunday, December 02, 2012

Lili's Christmas wish list

copies of both of the works of written pornography that were written or edited by the 1940s Hollywood film producer and probable synaesthete Val Lewton (just for the sake of scholarly research and curiosity you understand)

that my work supervisor be sacked for incompetence

that our PM be sacked for incompetence, or whatever

more time for pear cider

a safe place to live for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka

a Tesla Death Ray Machine to use on the people two houses down

musky drupes, freshly picked, perfect,

that creepy antique clock with the skeleton on top from the movie Nosferatu

more time for reading 

a new feminist revolution (because many of the prizes and promises from the last one have evaporated)

more time for writing

more time for poking at sea creatures in rock pools with the kids, on a morning when sunlight twinkles off the surface of sea

more support for my Smashwords ambitions

that all the shock jocks be retired to high-security nursing homes

a totally nice and democratic one-state solution in Israel/Palestine

the sun, the moon and the stars

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