Sunday, January 27, 2013

F***tard Brit cops arrest autistic teen girl for no valid reason, and fail to nail the crim

Autistic girl spent ten hours in a cell – because police wrongly thought she was drunk.
by Liz Hull

"Her mother ran to the shop and told officers that Melissa had autism, attention deficit disorder and communication difficulties.'But they didn’t want to know,’ she said. ‘Melissa hadn’t had a drop of alcohol, but they said she was drunk. At the police station, a doctor confirmed she hadn’t been drinking, but still the police tried to pursue her through the courts."

"Merseyside police said a 25-year-old woman who allegedly attacked Miss Jones was later arrested but not charged due to ‘lack of evidence’."

These Keystone Cops arrested the innocent young lady, charged her with being drunk and disorderly and pursued that case with determination in the face of overwhelming evidence that their case was baseless, while failing to arrest what appears to be the real offender who had allegedly drunkenly and viciously assaulted the autistic young lady and another person, and the police failed to collect sufficient evidence against the violent lush to take a genuine case to court. Fail, coppers, fail!

Thank you to Bussorah, who writes the alarming blog Strange Justice about serious issues in law enforcement, for writing about this story, which is how I found out about it. 

Strange Justice

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