Saturday, April 27, 2013

At least followers of Islam are open about their gender segregation

Campus 'leaping back to dark age' by PATRICIA KARVELAS and BEN PACKHAM
The Australian. April 27th 2013.

I am simply amazed at the hypocrisy of the ALP and the Coalition in condemning the open gender segregation at some Islamic events held at Melbourne University. From beginning to end life in Australia is to varying degrees gender segregated. The only differences, as I see it, are that our segregation usually isn't formally compulsory (but there are often definite barriers and punishments for those who don't comply), and Australians like to pretend that non-Islamic Western forms of gender segregation don't exist. Which is the more honest position on the issue of gender segregation?

The problem for people like me who think gender segregation is every bit as bad as racial segregation or gross economic inequality is that in a stupid and dishonest country like Australia there is barely any acknowledgement that the problem exists.

New wave and old-fashioned sex segregation in everyday Australian life, and around the world

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