Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes its true, Tim Fischer identified himself as a bit autistic

Yes it's true what they said on Q & A tonight, and you can read about it in my list of famous people who have been the subject of speculation about autism or Asperger syndrome or have been identified or diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum. Just be warned; not all autistic or arguably autistic politicians are or were as personable as Mr Fisher, in fact there's some shocking racists to be found among this group - Enoch Powell, Adolph Hitler, Kevin Rudd. Powell knew twelve languages and was an impressive scholar. I guess that just goes to show that knowing foreign languages doesn't necessarily expand the mind enough to exclude racist sentiments. People are strange, and none more so than the people who think they are leaders. 

The PNG Solution & The Autism Spectrum. Q & A. ABC1. July 22nd 2013.

Referenced list of 175 famous people diagnosed as autistic or subject of published speculation about autism/Asperger syndrome (AS)

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