Friday, November 08, 2013

Did I mention that I've written three books?

You can buy them here. There's the book that I wrote about the real story of Daniel Tammet. The title of that one is Daniel Tammet: the Boy with the Incredible Story. There are two reasons why I need to warn you before recommending that you read this book. Firstly, if you are a fan of Daniel Tammet, be warned that you will find a mountain of evidence that will inevitably tarnish your image of this British-French celebrity who has become hugely famous for being a savant and an autobiographer. The second reason why I must warn you about reading my book is that if you have faith in science as a human endeavour and have faith in the peer review process as a guarantee of the reliability of arguments and research evidence presented in papers published in neuro-psychological journals, a reading of my book could launch you into a crisis of faith. Who knows what might happen then? You could go religious or something. Don't sue me if you do. 

The Tammet book was my third published work. To get the hang of this book-writing caper I warmed up with two previous projects. The Strange and Mysterious Life of Opal Whiteley was my first project, which I created just to master the techniques. This little book is about the American child prodigy, amateur naturalist, nature-writer, diarist, synaesthete, personifier of things, odd duck and imposter Opal Whiteley who rose to international fame in the 1920s. There's nothing particularly original in that biographical book, but it's a good introduction to the literature and documentaries about Whiteley and being an ebook it can be used to directly access many other openly accessible and free resources. My second book, The Mysterious Mind of Opal Whiteley: Four Unique Lives Compared, grew out of the first, and in that book I compare Whiteley with three other enigmatic famous personalities and an interesting fictional character created by one of those people. I guarantee that you will read a book similar to this book nowhere in this solar system or galaxy. It's an original, bursting with my own highly novel ideas and questions. There's more questions than answers in the book, but what else can you expect from a book that is about the minds of some interesting people? Everyone's mind is a mystery because you can't look into mine and I can't look into yours. And perhaps that is not such a bad thing, but you can read my books. If you have a credit card handy. 

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