Friday, January 09, 2015

Don't just sit there...........

There are credible claims that civilians are being detained and tortured in the Timika region in West Papua, near the Freeport McMoran gold mine. The accused are police and military from Indonesia, and homes of indigenous West Papuans are also reportedly being burnt down by the Indonesians. Make no mistake; this conflict is all about persecution associated with political and economic interests, and the fight for independence and self-determination by the people of West Papua who have been colonized by Indonesia and other countries through history. This conflict is not merely an issue of law and order. 

Do you care? You could contact your local representative of the government of Indonesia and tell them about what you think of the violence and killing and persecution that has been going on for so long in West Papua. You could also maybe tell then to f*** off out of a piece of land that they have no ethnic connection with and where they are not wanted. You could also join with concerned citizens and activists in all corners of the world who support the local and international movement to Free West Papua. Please take a little time to support a cause that really matters.

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