Monday, February 23, 2015

Lili's astonishment of the day

"My single parent daughter was required by Centrelink to attend a self development course last year. In order to successfully complete the course she was required to do 100 hours of 'work experience'. She was allocated to a Coles store to pack shelves over a number of weeks until her 100 hours was completed. She was paid $5 per 6 hour day for the work, apparently this is what is paid to students on work experience. 

My daughter managed a large store before leaving to have 3 children, she could have run the course but was told her single parent allowance would be cut if she did not attend.

Question is.... what does Coles pay to the Job Agency and/or the Course management (not run by Centrelink but another example of outsourcing ) for this effectively free Labour. Many course participants were allocated to Coles in the same manner"

Comment from

I demand to know whether or not this comment is a reflection of actual events!

If it is then,

WTF Coles?

WTF Jobs Services Australia?

WTF Centrelink?

WTF Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees' Association SDA?

WTF Abbott Government?

I'd love to kick you all to the kerb with my steel-capped Volleys!

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