Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lili's accusation of the day

I think it is pretty clear that there is some kind of policy in action at the ABC24 Australian government-funded television station of having teams of male and female newsreaders/presenters/journalists reading their news and doing interviews, with the female in the team given the job of asking the sentimental, emotional questions in interviews, and of course, it is the female presenter who is slim, young and attractive, often wearing outfits that show lots of skin, while all the blokes are always covered right up in layers of dignified suits, shirts and ties, in a clear rip-off of the sexist and gender-stereotype-reinforcing style of Network 10's The Project. 

F*** you ABC24, and f*** you too Network 10. Please do stick your sexism and occupational gender segregation of journalists where the sun doesn't shine. 

You never see Anton Enus reading the news half-bare, do you? More's the pity. I like Anton. I like him a lot. 

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