Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lili's outburst for the day

I am so sick to death of seeing public sentimental/melodramatic displays of grief in the news, over formerly over-priviledged dead male Australian sporting figures, from people who never even met the deceased. So many Australians don't have two cares to rub together for refugees kept in offshore concentration camps or grossly exploited and abused workers in Australian poultry processing plants producing the chicken to make the KFC that feeds their stupid fat bogan obesity problems, but when some famous old bloke in sport wraps his rally car around a tree or meets a nasty fate at the hand of a neglected son or gets killed on the sporting field in a freak accident, it's tears and corny tributes all the freakin' way to Christmas. Choose life, not sport, you feckin' morons!

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