Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lili's weary sigh of the day

God save us all. It's another case of acquired savantism and acquired synaesthesia studied by Professor Berit Brogaard, a female one this time. And the prof has a new book out, choc-full of this kind of stuff. And it just wouldn't be a book about savants without a foreword from the go-to boffin for all things "Rain Man", Dr Darold Treffert. And of course, Brogaard's favourite "sudden savants" Daniel Tammet, Jason Padgett and Derek Amato rate at least a mention, probably a lot more, in the book, in addition to the new lady savant, and a collectioin of names I haven't even heard of yet. Oh joy. What a great day for neuroscience. 

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