Monday, June 27, 2016

Lili's angry outburst of the day

I'm furious that former union leader, former ALP leader and former PM of Australia Bob Hawke appears to be trying to take the personal credit for setting up Australia's Medicare system of universal health service access. The Hawke Government did set up Medicare, but that was merely a continuation of the Medibank system that was created by Bill Hayden and the amazing ALP Whitlam Government in 1970s, from scratch. Apparently fossil Hawke even got the date wrong for the year that his govt established Medicare. Wikipedia says it was 1984, not 1983 as Hawke claimed in the advert.

Mr Hawke, you are a duplicitous creep and I have always hated you. You and similar duplicitous creep former unionist ALP leaders such as Bill Shorten are surely the main reason why people of my generation are reluctant to vote for your party. I keep our fridge stocked with chilled bottles of cider, on hand for a celebration of your passing, whenever that might happen.

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