Friday, September 15, 2017

Lili's question of the day

Which book is more worthy of your hard-earned book-spending money and your scarce book-reading time? Daniel Tammet's new release, or my book about the lesser-known facts of his life?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Lili Marlene,

I chose WHAT HAPPENED by Hillary Rodham Clinton

and LATE ESSAYS 2006-2017 by J M Coetzee.

The second last one is about Les Murray and the very last one is about Gerald Murnane.

There are two essays about Patrick White - one about his late work and one about THE SOLID MANDELA.

I remember this author's name by "neither name nor mane" and two Ns which surround the A.

And of course I would read THE BOY WITH THE INCREDIBLE STORY.

Another literary choice of mine in the last month has been SURVIVING SCHIZOPHRENIA by Richard Carlson.

It was a tricky dilemma when I read an excerpt of BORN SCHIZOPHRENIC by Susan Schofield.

Also WHY I NO LONGER TALK TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE has been discussed for a Writers' Festival. This is by Reni [surname].

Have been diving into Treffert's work again specifically the sources about the three types of hyperlexia.

Lili Marlene said...

Sorry for the late approval of your comment, Adelaide.

Is there another book out about that poor girl Jani? I was disgusted from beginning to end of the mountain of rubbish that I read about her when I was writing about Jani.

I've never understood much about Patrick White, as I'm not a fiction reader. Did enjoy an old movie made of one of his stories. Didn't understand what it was supposed to mean, but it made me think.

As we could have predicted, Hillary's book has met with controversy. I read that Amazon deleted some negative reviews.