Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lili's dismissal of the day

So Mr Burke, past host and founder of the defunct but once highly popular Australian gardening TV show Burke's Backyard, it seems clear that you have been a workplace bully and sex pest for ages, and you claim this is because you're "an Asperger's person"? While I no longer think there's much validity or science behind the labels "autism" and "Asperger syndrome", I do know that workplace bullying and sexual misconduct have never been regarded as features of the conditions, in fact, regardless of level of intelligence, people with these labels are lucky to get anywhere near having a job, let alone being the boss who has the power to get away with such unethical or criminal behaviour.

Your unconvincing excuse gets you nowhere, especially in light of the fact that you've been busy denying as well as excusing yourself. You can't offer an excuse for behaviour that you haven't even owned up to!


If you have the chance to watch the ABC news interview with Katharine Annear, the chairperson of Autistic Advocacy Australia and New Zealand about Don Burke's recent claims, it is well worth a look. 


Adelaide Dupont said...

And I fear that this could discourage people from self-employment or custom employment, because of the distrust and bad will cultivated.

The sad thing is that Burke does fit into a stereotyped / pop-culture view of what we called Asperger syndrome from 1994-2013.

In early 2001 Kalen posted a thread on alt.support.autism about workplace bullying and what autistic behaviours and attitudes might be construed this.

And in forensic psychiatry there is a big emphasis on criminality in the pursuit of a special interest. Led by people like Digby Tantam and Simon Baron-Cohen.

And I will read the Katherine Annear post/watch the video? Company A is great.

Lili Marlene said...

I can't in good faith comment on most of the topics that that you've touched upon, Adelaide, because I've virtually rejected the concept of autism/AS. I'm sure there are people all over Australia now concluding that the man is a psychopath. "Narcissist" seems to mild a label.