Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chalk and cheese

Lawrence Krauss on science:

“Science is a method for distinguishing fact from fiction. It’s a method for asking questions systematically and for answering those questions in a way that it’s possible to test. Science is a method based on empirical evidence.”

“Science does change; it’s called progress. However, science changes in a very well defined way. This is another big misunderstanding of science: we don’t throw out what has been done before; what satisfies test and experiment will always survive.”

“…science isn’t a set of facts, it’s a process for deriving facts….it’s a process that’s worked over the last 400 years to make the world a much better place in lots of ways…”

Ben Goldacre on science:

“There are really deeply embedded structural problems in science, which people in my own profession have failed to fix.”

I'm pondering whether one sounds more like the grown-up than the other, or is it more as though one views his audience as grown-ups more than the other, or could it be a bit of both? 

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