Friday, May 11, 2007

Badassitude and the autistic spectrum: there is no such thing as too much testosterone

Charles XII of Sweden
“… by all accounts was pretty hardcore.”

The Blues Brothers
“There is just something about these two hapless brothers and their wild adventures that makes you totally pumped up and ready to crash a car through a window while smoking cigarettes, wearing a black suit and listening to James Brown.”

Paul Dirac
“He was a virtual black hole of destruction”

Moby Dick (book written by Herman Melville)
“80-ton, hate-filled, murderous embodiment of God's Wrath.”

The Microsoft Xbox (made by Bill’s company)
“Just turning the power on makes me so pumped up that I want to start kicking shit, pounding on my chest and bodyslamming my television.”

References mentioning some famous people and autism

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[Charles XII of Sweden]

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[Dan Aykroyd (of the Blues Brothers) discusses his childhood diagnosis at around 29 minutes into this radio interview]

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[Charles XII of Sweden]

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