Sunday, August 08, 2010

Australian supporters of the people of Palestine are not impressed

I find it hard to fathom the reasoning behind the way many politicians behave, especially when there is an election coming up. Do they really believe they are winning popularity when they front up to show their support to organisations that are unpopular or controversial with large sections of the community? The other day our atheist leader Julia Gillard was kissing up to the Catholics, pledging $1.5 million of our dough for celebrations that are planned for the canonisation of Mary MacKillop, Australia's first saint. Is the Catholic church too broke to foot the bill themselves? When will us atheists get a huge government handout to help further our aspirations? I'd like to have a few grand to buy free copies of Richard Dawkins books to give out to high school libraries that don't stock his works, (some don't, which I find incredible). One of our kids goes to a government high school that has a library that looks like something out of the 1980s, with a laughably ancient operating system on the computers.

Today there was more stupidity of a suckhole nature from our political leaders. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith spoke at the WA launch of the Friends of Israel today, and the Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs Michael Keenan represented the Liberals. A gaggle of WA pollies apparently turned up as well. Julie Bishop sent her apologies.

Some other people turned up too - protesters from a number of different organizations, who demonstrated their concern about the plight of Palestinian people. And you've got to wonder, how many Australians who were not there would be disgusted to know that these political leaders are happy to show support to an organization that is on the wrong side of justice. There is a lot of support for the people of Palestine and anger about the recent actions of the state of Israel among Australians, particularly young Australians. Do these buffoons need a housewife blogger to point out the friggin obvious?

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