Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daryl Hannah in G magazine

It's lovely to see actress and committed environmentalist Daryl Hannah on the cover of the latest G magazine, Issue 29, November-December 2010.


The virtuous and attractive Ms Hannah is one of the amazing people who are in my big list:

A referenced list of 174 famous or important people diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition or subject of published speculation about whether they are or were on the autistic spectrum


Clay said...

Have loved her ever since I saw her in "The Clan of the Cave Bear", (and I've bought all 5 books of the Clan series by Jane Auel). I wish she'd finish with the last one, sometime before I die. (Ten years passed between publication of the 4th and 5th.)

Lili Marlene said...

Is that the book series about Neanderthals?

Clay said...

Yeah, she was a homo sapiens who was orphaned by an earthquake, and was then raised by Neanderthals. Very well-researched and engaging series, I highly recommend.

Lili Marlene said...

Ms Hannah has played an interesting range of characters.

I've been following the recent developments in new discoveries of hominids and genetic analyses of ancient DNA with great interest. People who favour the multi-regional hypothesis are having the last laugh. Now I know where my nose comes from!

Clay said...

That's one of my great interests too. Just now, Alan Griswold has an interesting (and very long) take on it in his "Autistic Aphorisms".


Lili Marlene said...

I've just fixed the spelling in the title. What a goose.

Lili Marlene said...

I'll have to have a look at that blog.

There's a graph on page 36 of New Scientist magazine Number 2789 December 4th 2010 that says so much about the relationship between the various hominids. Its the best evidence I've seen ever for the idea that modern humans are hybrids.

Clay said...

The Neanderthal pictured in this article looks a lot like Anthony Quinn!


Lili Marlene said...

I don't remember Quinn looking quite that rough!

Many years ago I was reading an article about Homo neanderthalensis in Scientific American, and I looked at the photo of a lifelike model of a neanderthal, and I was struck by the resemblance to a former BF. He really wasn't that rough looking, but did have a fairly prominent lower face. He was a redhead, and apparently the redhead gene has been found in the neanderthal gene pool. I don't know why I was popular with rangas.