Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A sure sign that you are autistic ....

When some pretentious political commentator affixes you with the label of "narcissist" it's a sure sign that you are on the autistic spectrum. Today on The Drum on the ABC's news TV channel Tim Soutphommasane told the viewers that Julian Assange is a narcissist, which pretty much confirms what I'd been thinking all along.

Narcissist is evidently one of Mr Soutphommasane's favourite words. I Googled his name along with the term, and got a results page with no less than 11 different articles by Mr S published in The Australian that included the term. This bloke seems to think the whole world has a personality disorder! I hope one day he will be able to find a planet inhabited by intelligent beings who are not generally cursed with an intractable mental illness with which he can share his philosophy.

I'm so glad I'm writing this post and not saying it.


krex said...

Nothing new in people misDxing autistics as just about anything but autistic....(especially if they have the audacity to be more intelligent then the diagnoser ).

As a child, one of my first lessons in human interaction and the codes they use is when an adult told me I had a "bad attitude" it generally meant that that they didn't like me disagreeing with them .

Narcissist (as this critic appears to be using it...)=someone who who is either unable or indifferent to the unspoken social contract to lie, pretend and deceive ." Not a surprising attribute in someone who expends personal energy in exposing others who are so good at those traits .

Lili Marlene said...

Gotta go make a pav, ho hum.