Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Steve Biddulph autistic? Really?

Today I was listening to a repeat program on the Life Matters radio show and the popular Australian pop psychology author Steve Biddulph was saying something about having Asperger syndrome in his past. I was too busy to listen closely, so I hope he was only speaking in a general, flippant and cutesy manner about being socially awkward in his youth. If Bidduph goes around calling himself autistic, I'm going to find another diagnosis. Seriously.

Some quotes from the Life Matters website:

"The book went on to achieve international fame with its invitation to all men to escape their 'prison of self'."

Please, someone fetch me a bucket!

"And now it's back in an updated version, as a handbook for 'a new kind of man'."
Well I liked the old kind of man! I hope there will still be plenty of old type men available.

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