Sunday, January 30, 2011

New addition to famous synaesthetes list: Piet Mondrian

I've just added Piet Mondrian to one of my popular lists of famous people. He has been in my list of famous autistic people for quite a while, and now I've added him to my list of famous people who are or were or might have been synesthetes. Mondrian was the artist who painted that unforgettable picture with a black grid type pattern on white, with rectangles and squares of red, blue and yellow. This style has been applied to all types of things: furniture, dresses, a car, shoes, a house. Mondrian also created pictures that cleverly evoked the sensation of jazz rhythm, and it appears likely that he had the type of mind that tends to personify things that aren't actually persons, based on his ideas about horizontal and vertical.

I must apologise that I've still not found the time to add a swag of new names to my famous synaesthetes list. The zany artist Paul Klee appears to have also been a personifier (of vegetables), and the respected movie producer Val Lewton appears to have had OLP. The left-handed Lady Gaga sees coloured music, as do many other synaesthetes, and the novelist Siri Hustvedt is a most interesting case of synaesthesia. So much work to do, so little spare time!

56 famous synaesthetes or possible synesthetes: a list with references.

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