Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just thought I should mention this before I head off to bed

A science magazine article about the artificial computerized reading of emotions in which the controversial Prof. Baron-Cohen is interviewed can be read in full at the website of New Scientist.

A quote from the article:

"When Picard and el Kaliouby were calibrating their prototype, they were surprised to find that the average person only managed to interpret, correctly, 54 per cent of Baron-Cohen's expressions on real, non-acted faces. This suggested to them that most people - not just those with autism - could use some help sensing the mood of people they are talking to. "People are just not that good at it," says Picard. The software, by contrast, correctly identifies 64 per cent of the expressions."

Wow, 64 % of expressions. Make me wonder what is the point of expressing the other 36% of expressions if they are so impossible to interpret correctly.

Specs that see right through you.
by Sally Adee
New Scientist.
5th July 2011
Issue 2819.
in print:
Your seventh sense.
July 2nd 2011 p. 32-36.

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