Saturday, July 30, 2011

On the subject of birds' eyes....Catalyst: Owl Eyes - ABC TV Science

Catalyst: Owl Eyes - ABC TV Science


Socrates said...

and on the subject of Borat-Cohen... he gets a mention here:

Lili Marlene said...

Political commentators - dime a dozen, aren't they? This hack was hugely impressed by the Borat-Cohen's last contribution to the genre of pop psychology. How sad.

Doctors and pollies need to show empathy? Who says? I look for basic professional competence in a quack. I ask for nothing more, but am still often disappointed. And PMs? In the 1970s we had inflation and economic depression and we had a PM with a face like an Easter Island statue who told us that "Life isn't meant to be easy", and we loved it. Give me another Vulcan as a leader any day. I think Penny Wong would fit the bill perfectly. Penny for PM! But would she allow the gays to marry?