Saturday, March 24, 2012

Words of wisdom from 2004 from autistic Australian rock star Craig Nicholls

"I always say to the other guys, if you want to throw a TV out of a hotel room window, then do it just before you leave the hotel, because there might be something you want to watch."

I've just added this old but amusing quote from a 2004 article in The Guardian newspaper to my old and long list of favourite quotations, many of them from peope who are in my massive monster of a list of famous people diagnosed as autistic or who have been the subject of published speculation that they are or were on the spectrum. If you've never taken a look at my collectioin of quotations, maybe you should. You will find many revealing, interesting and/or amusing words from the great and famous, including many reflections on the theme of the individual possessed of originality versus the mob. Do drop by!

Quotes that caught Lili's eye

A referenced list of famous or important people diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition or subject of published speculation about whether they are or were on the autistic spectrum

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