Thursday, June 07, 2012

You call this shite science?

Autistic fish? Fishies all in a panic? Really?


Socrates said...

Oh, yeah the last time I found I was a fish swimming around in a researcher's bowl after being raised on SSRI's I got a little anxious too. Like when people have to go to Centerpoint. *shudder*

I am proving I am not a robot by typing "50" - from a photograph which is obviously someone's house number and the word "wordrorm".

Not one of today's most enjoyable tasks.

Lili Marlene said...

I wouldn't be all hung up over proving I'm not a robot. I don't discriminate. I'm sure there is no robot that will ever be built that will develop arthritis or anal prolapse or crows feet.

Centrepoint? That's a kitsch Modernist tower building in Sydney, isn't it?