Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lili's thought for the day

Treffert has documented supposed cases of ESP?

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Anonymous said...

Treffert's been writing about extrasensory perception for years. He was criticised for it back in the 80's - see:
(only the first page is freely available but that's got most of what's worth reading).

He's mentioned it sporadically since then. I had thought he had given up an moved on to other fringe pseudoscientific theories such as his ideas of "genetic memory". But this year he's at it again - look for "extraordinary telepathy as a savant skill" here:

I find it extraordinary that he is taken seriously by psychologists. He was quite rightly taken to task when he was reporting psychic abilities twenty years ago, but many researchers and textbooks still report uncritically on his many other dubious reports of savants with extraordinary abilities.