Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A quote from the book Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime by Dr Peter C. Gotzsche

From page 229

"Antipsychotics are dangerous drugs that should only be used if there is a compelling reason, and preferably as short-term therapy at a low dose because the drugs produce severe and permanent brain damage. As explained above, even most patients with schizophrenia can avoid the drugs and it results in much better long-term outcomes than if they were treated and substantial savings as well.21"

There's a bombshell on every page of this book by Professor Gotzsche, a physician and co-founder of the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre. The Cochrane Collaboration is an international organization of doctors who create systematic reviews of all of the scientific evidence pertinent to questions about drugs and medical practices and other types of interventions. I highly recommend Prof. Gotzsche's book.  

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