Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lili's list of "red flags" to look out for in the process of submitting a job application

Vacancies with that employer permanently open

Employer often advertising vacancies out of proportion with size of workforce and appears to have trouble keeping staff

Advertising a clutch of different jobs in the one application process

Employer still handling recruitment process through hardcopy formats while similar organizations have gone online

Online recruitment system or documents do not work properly

Basic recruitment documents such as position descriptions, application forms, questionnaires, selection criteria, resumes, covering letters and copies of certificates and qualifications apparently lost

Eccentric handling of basic recruitment documents such as position descriptions, application forms, questionnaires and selection criteria in a way that suggests a strategy to deal with loss of data in a faulty computer system

Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors or eccentric use of capitalization in job advertisement

"Previous applicants need not apply" 

Long, detailed, pretentious or unrealistically demanding lists of selection criteria peppered with management mumbo-jumbo

A list of duties a mile long attached to the position

Failure to ask applicants questions with simple and verifiable answers as a pre-screening process at the very beginning of recruitment process

Unclear, contradictory or deficient information in the job advertisement and associated documents about the basic details of the job such as employer, location, hours or permanency

During contact with employer or HR person they get you mixed-up with another applicant

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