Friday, April 08, 2011

John Pilger discussing whistleblowing with Assange on TV on Sunday?

On Sunday April 10th 2011 on SBS1 on Australian TV a documentary by veteran politically-left Australian journalist John Pilger titled Revealing the hidden truths of war: the war you don't see will be broadcast. I believe this documentary includes an interview or discussion between Julian Assange and Pilger.

I believe John Pilger will be one of many speakers at a Marxism conference in Melbourne in April. Cordelia Fine will also be speaking at this conference. Fine is the author of the book Delusions of gender, and a prominent critic of some of the ideas championed by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, who is regarded as an autism expert. Fine is an Australia-based academic psychologist who has studied at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK, and has done research at the ANU, Macquarie University and the University of Melbourne, an impressive CV if ever I saw one!

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