Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lili's other thought for the day

It's always amusing when a high-profile conservative politician has a rellie who is as camp as a row of tents. Do they catch up at Christmas-time, I wonder?


Justthisguy said...

Not that it is necessarily relevant, but I know of some people on the Web who are queer as a three-dollar bill and quite conservative, and vote that way.

I suspect it might be because they want the normal people to act normal, to give them a frame of social reference, so to speak. I mean, I betcha they wouldn't feel quite so elite if everyone else were doing what they were doing.

Lili Marlene said...

Yes, there sure are non-heteros with conservative views. I can think of one Australian shock jock who fits that description.

I'd put both types of orientation (political and sexual) down to the way brains are put together. I recently read of a study that explicitly linked variations in certain brain structures with left or right political views. It must feel weird to have a brain that is hard-wired for conflicting views!

Justthisguy said...

Good Lord, Ma'am! YOU are mentioning that other people have weird brains! Better look out!

I'm all for tolerating human neural weirdness, being a bit strange, m'self, but when it comes to politics, conservative ain't even in it. I am a stone Reactionary. There. I said it.