Friday, April 01, 2011

Vines in free concert?

I've just been watching The Vines on Video Hits. Craig Nicholls was being interviewed by Dylan, discussing the creation of great album cover artwork and the band's current logo, and the destruction of musical instruments. The Vines new single was shown, of course, and its a sure hit. The song lyrics floating around in the video looked a bit like tickertape synaesthesia to me. Very neurodiverse. It's a little bit scary to have one of Nicholls' WAAAAAAAAAAAAAs coming at you in space!

I believe The Vines will be on the lineup playing at the concert for the National Youth Week 2011 in Melbourne, and I think it might be a free event. Wish I could be there! The band certainly look the part - Nicholls still looks like a youth even though he is in his thirties.

National Youth Week


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