Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lili's uncharitable thought for the day

In this summer heat spare a thought for the countless children who will never be taken for a swim at the beach because their mum is too dumb to have a driver's licence and their dad's a deadbeat. And what about the kids who get horribly sunburnt every visit to the beach because their parent or parents don't really know what UV radiation is or how to deal with it? And there's the kids who will never discover sea creatures in ocean rock pools at low tide because their folks don't know about tide tables or tides or are too scared of sea creatures or live too far from the coast or don't have access to transport or simply can't be bothered organizing and executing such an outing. Spare a thought for all of the kids whose summer holidays were about watching mum and dad and mum and dad's friends getting pissed and smoking dope and talking shit. 

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