Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Savant doco on Australian TV Sunday night

The Human Camera is a documentary about Stephen Wiltshire MBE, the British autistic artist who has been called a savant. It is scheduled for broadcast on ABC2 on Sunday night, but it appears that you can actually watch the documentary at YouTube already.

One of the many people shown meeting with and talking about Mr Wiltshire is Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, an autism and synaesthesia researcher whose work I've found to be flawed or questionable in a remarkable number of ways. Notice how the professor kicks off his appearance in this doco with a very much leading line of questioning directed at the autistic artist?

This doco is part of the Extraordinary People series from the UK's Channel 5, the same television channel and the same series that gave us a totally questionable documentary about another man labelled as a savant, The Boy with the Incredible Brain, the documentary that sent Daniel Tammet on a rocket ride to international fame and which had a US version titled Brainman. The professor also appeared in that doco.


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