Saturday, February 12, 2011

Assange overexposed

Assange-watchers are having a feast at the moment, with the release last week of the book Inside Wikileaks by Daniel Domscheit-Berg who was once a major figure in the controversial organization, and an article about Assanage and WikiLeaks in the February 2011 edition of Vanity Fair magazine. On Sunday night Assange was featured in an interview from the US 60 Minutes show that was broadcast on the Australian 60 Minutes. On Monday the Australian current affairs TV show Four Corners on ABC 1 will be running a story about WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning and Adrian Lamo. The Australian newspaper has started publishing a series of excerpts from the book by Domscheit-Berg in the Weekend Australian.

Inside WikiLeaks: exclusive extract. Australian February 12, 2011.

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