Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lili keeps a tally

In the spirit of the eccentric Victorian possibly autistic statistician Sir Francis Galton, while I was having a top time at the BDO, I kept a tally of the cases of Gilbert and George syndrome that I spotted in the crowd. I identified a total of 12 cases (12 pairs of people of the same gender hanging out together wearing identical or near-identical outfits). I found an even sex ratio (6 sets of males and 6 sets of females). In general, these wannabe twins were generally fairly young people, so I am guessing this might be a phenomenon that is to do with a lack of fashion confidence, as people who are beginners in any area of skill often start by copying, then develop their own style and original work. Perhaps it is something like this but more pathological, originating from a lack of confidence or something stranger. I have heard of some rare and bizarre mental disorders that involve a pair of people of the same sex copying each other. I guess it could also be about friendship and bonding. I wouldn't have a clue about that. People are interesting, at a safe distance.

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